Need a little something special and sweet to elevate your event? I would love to add that unique touch to your occasion with delicious edible artwork. Whether you choose simple decorations or masterpieces, I take great care in each order from mixing and cutting to baking and decorating.

The Simple
  • 12 simple decorations flat design
  • 1-3 colors
  • 1-2 simple shapes
The Moderate
  • 12 detailed decorations
  • 1-5 colors
  • 1-4 detailed shapes
The Masterpiece
  • 12 very detailed decorations with fine work and hand detailing
  • Endless color including gold and silver accents
  • 1-6 detailed shapes including hand cut shapes

* Need just a little more to complement your dozen?

The Little Bites
  • Simple: $18 per dozen. You will receive 12 single color minis in one simple shape to complement your order.
  • Textured detail: $30 per dozen. You will receive 12 textured minis in one simple shape and up to 3 colors to complement your order.
Mini Party Favor Packs
  • 24 mini cookies (1.5” – 2” shapes packed in 2ct = 12 packs, 4ct = 6 packs, or 6ct = 4 packs)
  • 1-6 shapes with your theme
  • 1-5 colors
  • gold and silver accents are extra
  • additional mini shapes are extra
  1. Fill out the order form. I will look over your submission and get back to you with a more detailed questionaire to see if we will be a good fit for each other and your event, and move on to step 2!
  2. When you've completed the in-depth questionaire, I will go through the details to then confirm your design and date. From there you will receive a proposal and contract to sign and submit your down payment.
  3. Two weeks before your cookies are scheduled, the remaining payment is due. Once I receive the final payment, we are good to go! You will receive an email the day before pickup to verify location and time.


Order Form