In 2017 I found out I had Celiac Sprue disease (a genetic autoimmune disease where the body cannot process gluten, to put it simply). 1+% of the world population has Celiac whether they realize it or not. For anyone who receives this diagnosis, it's life changing if they want to heal themselves and stay healthy. All of a sudden, you can't just eat all your favorite breads, pastas, desserts, etc. You can't just go out to your favorite fast food chains, restaurants, hangouts, etc. Whether it be family or friends, the people who care for your well-being can only imagine the stress it can cause because they know it affects your health. Like any true allergy, cross-contamination can have serious side effects.

It’s amazing how far gluten free and allergy conscious foods have come! You can usually find something out there that will meet your wants or needs. However, I felt compelled to go one step further. Being a cook’s daughter and having amazing adoptive grandparents, I grew up being able to experience the world through the arts, detailed beauty around, and creative/elaborate foods. I craved for the finer enjoyments in food and taste. In the past three years, my passion for creative baking has progressed from sharing my goodies with family and friends into a business. I believe that food should not only look good, but taste great. While there will always be differences in gluten vs gluten free foods, I think I have brought delight and delicious to my gluten free baking and mixes that anyone can enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions...

1. Do you only bake gluten free and allergy friendly items?

Yes. My business is dedicated to providing gluten free and allergy friendly baked goods. This helps to eliminate cross contact and contamination risks for those who need to be.